JSE:Japan Suiso Energy Ltd.

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News Release


Japan Suiso Energy (JSE) was established in June 2021 as a company that will research, plan, operate and invest in the establishment of a commercial scale global supply chain of liquefied hydrogen.

JSE is currently leading the "Liquefied Hydrogen Supply Chain Commercialization Demonstration Project" as part of the "Large-Scale Hydrogen Supply Chain Establishment ". It is a Green Innovation Fund project supported by the New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO), in collaboration with Iwatani Corporation and ENEOS Corporation.

JSE, as a pioneer in the global energy supply chain using liquefied hydrogen, is actively involved in market formation through public-private partnerships and hopes to contribute to the realization of a sustainable decarbonized society.



Company Name Japan Suiso Energy, Ltd.
Shareholders Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Ltd. 66.6%, Iwatani Corporation 33.4%
10F, Toranomon Seiwa Building, 3-2-1 Toranomon, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Business As the responsible entity to implement the hydrogen supply chain project, JSE carries out the following businesses:
  • Planning and research for the establishment of a hydrogen supply chain
  • Production, storage, transport, and supply of hydrogen
  • Use and utilization of hydrogen including power generation, the supply of electricity and thermal energy, and the sale of electricity
  • Businesses associated with the above
  • Eiichi Harada (representative director)
  • Manabu Tsuyoshi
  • Keiichiro Segawa
  • Ichiro Imai
  • Kohei Watanabe
Incorporation June 2021

*As of 1st July 2023


This is a 10-year government project to support the development of new technologies, introduction of new systems and policies, and corporate vision in the private sector. It aims to realize ambitious and concrete goals across both public and private sectors as Japan advances towards its goal of becoming carbon neutral by 2050.

This commercialization demonstration project will test and confirm the performance, safety, durability, reliability, and economic efficiency of a large scale hydrogen supply chain. It will also help to understand the commercial feasibility of hydrogen supply cost of 30 yen/Nm3 by 2030 upon delivery in Japan.

Japan Suiso Energy will co-operate with a clean hydrogen producer, who will produce clean hydrogen extracted from gasification of Latrobe Valley coal, from Victoria, Australia. This process will be supported by carbon capture and storage (CCS). We will then cool the gaseous hydrogen to minus 253 degrees Celsius where it liquifies. The liquefied hydrogen will be transported by a 160,000 m3 liquefied hydrogen carrier from the industrial Port of Hastings, Victoria, to a receiving terminal in the Keihin Waterfront Area in Kawasaki City, Japan, pending construction completion. The loading and unloading terminals will be equipped with a 50,000 m3 liquefied hydrogen tank and loading arm.

Proponents: Japan Suiso Energy, Ltd.(lead)
Iwatani Corporation, ENEOS Corporation
Project period: April.2021 ~ March.2031

Indicative scale

*This will be finalized through the FEED phase.

Source: Prepared by JSE based on NEDO materials etc.